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Antwerp Region

Project Manager- Antwerp Region

This project manager flies you all the way to the moon and back?
Gepubliceerd: 18-05-2022
Referentie nr:#VEAL00783
Vacature Antwerpse Regio
Antwerpse Regio

Mechanical Design Engineer- Antwerpse Regio

Loopt met jou alles op wieltjes? Of  op rolletjes?  
Gepubliceerd: 18-05-2022
Referentie nr:#VER00848
Vacature Waasland

Firmware Engineer- Waasland

Are you a Sr. Firmware Engineer that likes to be a member of the R&D team responsible for developing and sustaining the embedded software.
Gepubliceerd: 18-05-2022
Referentie nr:#VER00843
Vacature Brabant Area
Brabant Area

Microfluidic Engineer- Brabant Area

Are you the master/engineer who is totally into designing/developing tests, the execution of measurements, evaluation of the results and reporting? And all this on a lab on a chip? Then this...
Gepubliceerd: 17-05-2022
Referentie nr:#VER00842
Vacature regio Dendermonde
regio Dendermonde

Packaging Engineer- regio Dendermonde

We have an interesting job opportunity in Dendermonde area for a packaging engineer. Freelancers are also welcome.
Gepubliceerd: 13-05-2022
Referentie nr:#VER00841
Vacature regio Leuven
regio Leuven

Product Development Engineer- regio Leuven

Wij zoeken een kunststof productontwikkelaar van A-Z in de Leuvense regio met een aantal jaar werkervaring en een goede kennis van CREO. 
Gepubliceerd: 13-05-2022
Referentie nr:#VER00840
Vacature West-Vlaanderen

Test setup Engineer - West-Vlaanderen

Hands-on technical gut feeling is what you have? We have an exciting challenge for a creative Engineer who easily translates test needs into (automated) Test setups.    
Gepubliceerd: 12-05-2022
Referentie nr:#VER00838
Vacature Hasselt

System Architect- Hasselt

... product and technology architecture development, system design  and requirements engineering of top notch electronics for healthcare, automotive ...
Gepubliceerd: 11-05-2022
Referentie nr:#VER00849
Vacature Leuven Region
Leuven Region

FPGA Development Engineer- Leuven Region

We have an exciting project for an electronics design engineer with FPGA design and programming skills. You will work on a variety of projects in life sciences,   sensing technologies...
Gepubliceerd: 05-05-2022
Referentie nr:#VER00821
Vacature Gent

Office Assistant- Gent

Leuk & gevarieerd takenpakket zoekt Office Assistant om alles op wieltjes te laten lopen.
Gepubliceerd: 02-05-2022
Referentie nr:#VEDM00834