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Verhaert New Products & Services is a leading product development company. We develop innovative products and systems with a high added value. Thanks to our many years’ experience we are able to guide and support other companies in their strategic and innovation approach.
Our employees are multidisciplinary high-tech professionals who enjoy having large diversity of assignments for companies in various sectors, such as consumer goods, healthcare, industry, internet of things,...

Technology Transfer Consultant: Job Description

You will guide technologies from space and other high-tech sectors from donor companies towards new fields of application.
You will identify relevant technology properties, connect them with compelling applications, and feature propositions.
You will participate in high-tech start-up acceleration and incubation programs and set-up events for open innovation.
In the position of Technology transfer consultant you can develop a visionary and pragmatic mind-set.
Curious about the many challenges to get your teeth in? Here is a random list of tasks and responsibilities for a big variety of customers and projects.
• As a Technology Transfer Consultant you manage our Technology Transfer projects and enable transfers of technology and knowhow originating from space down to earth.
• You execute feasibility studies, scout for new applications and promote space technology and knowhow.
In parallel, you develop R&D approaches and business cases, together with Verhaert product & business development experts.
• You lead technology opportunity workshops with cross-functional teams and guide them to pragmatic, actionable results in the field of innovation management, using our in-house methodologies.
• You organise and participate in matchmaking events, pitch events and explore new business models to ensure cross-fertilisation of technologies across different sectors and industries throughout Europe.
• You steer the entire trajectory: content, timing and budget and provide accurate reporting and all the related administration.
• You optimize the customer relations on senior management level as well as with product-, marketing-, technical and project colleagues.
• In order to realise all steps in the technology transfer project in a successful way, you cooperate with the colleagues of our multidisciplinary organisation, from innovation consultants & designers, engineers & developers.
• You become the space companies trusted partner who helps them develop new business opportunities and revenue streams from their specific knowhow and expertise.

Technology Transfer Consultant: het profiel

• You dispose of a broad business economics baggage combined with a technological affinity. • You have a masters degree in Applied Economics, commercial or business sciences (master (applied) economics, commercial engineer, ...)
• You have a minimal of 3 years professional experience in an (innovative) consultancy function or similar.
• You have experience in product and/or innovation management where your market knowledge and insights go hand in hand with technological baggage.
• Experience in a development and technological environment is highly recommended.
• You own the true consultancy skills: analytical, synthesizing and problem solving abilities.
• You are communicative and open, have a positive charisma and commercial flair.
• You can take initiative, are self-assured, motivated, inquisitive and ready to listen.
• Je work structured and thematic in a methodological manner and strongly maintain the helicopter vision.
• Speaking and writing is fluent in Dutch and English. Knowledge of French and/or German is an asset.


• Verhaert is a challenging innovative environment guiding companies in their development and innovation trajectories.
• You will be working in multidisciplinary teams for very different companies in many different domains.
• You help building up the success of a result minded (often technological) environment and get the chance to fully expand your talents.
• You enter into a world of innovation and help building the future of many companies.
• You will be coached and guided in our world of innovation, helping you to become a trusted advisor for your customer and its business.
• You can count on our expertise to help you improve your people skills as well as on your technology transfer process capabilities.


Kruibeke Belgium

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Peter Roels
T: (0) 3 2501 900

Als systeemingenieur ben ik mee verantwoordelijk voor de ontwikkeling van een medisch analysetoestel. Hierbij is m'n taak sterk variërend: gaande van het opstellen en uitvoeren van testen tijdens de feasibility study, het opvolgen van het mechanisch design, projectleiding en rapportering, opvolgen van kwaliteitstaken en het beheren van project deliverables. Fantastisch boeiende uitdaging.
Elke dag iets anders is de regel bij Verhaert!



Werken bij Verhaert betekent voor mij, als werknemer binnen HR en Coporate Services, werken in een dynamische, innovatieve KMO. De aangename sfeer en fijne collega's maken dat ik elke dag met veel plezier ga werken.

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De afwisseling van projecten en producten in uiteenlopende toepassingsgebieden is zeer uitdagend ook uitermate boeiend. Ik zie onmiddellijk resultaat van mijn werk, wat mij enorm motiveert. Zo kan ik binnenkort fier: 'Dit product heb ik gemaakt!', en dat is geweldig!

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Werken bij Verhaert is een echte eye-opener: dynamisch en efficiënt. Als Senior Consultant Embedded Systems heb ik het voorbije jaar  meegewerkt aan zeer uiteenlopende projecten, fantastische uitdagingen en een ongelofelijke verrijking. De kwaliteiten en persoonlijkheden van mijn collega's zorgen daarenboven voor een professioneel kader met een fantastische sfeer.

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Mijn job geeft me veel mogelijkheden om me te ontplooien in verschillende disciplines. Als project- en systeemingenieur elektronica werk ik zowel mee aan het ontwerp, de productintegratie als prototype testing.

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