Product design engineer - Verhaert Consulting

Stijn graduated as a bachelor industrial design in 2018 and was part of the first edition of the Masters in Innovation Masterclass. He worked at Tupperware in the product development department and recently got a new project assignment at Rein4ced.

Can you tell us more about your work at the product development department in Tupperware?

“I was part of the product development team that is in charge of developing new products, as well as renewing older products to bring them into the modern age. The main part of my job was adapting the design to make the product ready for manufacturing. A smaller part of my job was about developing conceptual prototypes to validate product functionality. To develop a product, each time a whole team is involved. The team members have their specific area of expertise and provide feedback each step of the way. After every careful review we improve and modify the product until we end up with something that’s ready to be sold to the consumer.”

What are your first impressions after a few weeks at Rein4ced? What kind of company is it and which challenges do you expect to face there?

“My first impression is great. I’m very excited to be working here for the following months. Rein4ced is a start-up company that is producing Carbon bike frames. The company developed their own method to fully automate the production of these carbon bike frames. This in contrast with the large amount of manual labor that is currently needed to make a bike frame. Being on the leading edge of innovation means that Reinf4ced is really a place where you discover and learn something new every day. I’m very excited about what the coming months will bring.”

What do you consider the most important strengths and opportunities of Verhaert Consulting as an employer for young graduates?

“Verhaert Consulting is a good opportunity for young graduates as a means to learn a lot about the industry in a relatively short amount of time. They helped me in discovering my interests and passion, while providing me with the support to be able to pursue these interests.”