On-site Design Engineer - Verhaert Consulting

Joey graduated as a Master in Product Development in 2011. In September 2017 he started working for Verhaert Consulting as a design engineer for a variety of clients such as Antwerp Space, QinetiQ Space, Lambda-X and Exmore. Currently, he’s working for Atlas Copco.

Can you tell us more about the work you are currently doing at Atlas Copco?

“I work as a mechanical engineer for the Tool Design department where I’m involved in the core business of Atlas Copco Airpower, their signature compressors. I work alongside process engineers and together we make sure each and every compressor can be manufactured and assembled according to the desired specifications. In general, I enable operators to machine, assemble and measure parts by designing a tool for them to do so. A tool might be a fixture used to secure a cast iron casing in a CNC milling machine. Besides that, compressors can be very big and heavy. Therefore operators need so-called chairs which will enable them to rotate, tilt and raise the compressor during assembly. A measuring tool is used to check whether a part is manufactured according to Atlas Copco’s high standards.”

What were the most interesting moments in your career so far?

“In general, each time I managed to convince people to try out a different approach to any given problem. People often might reach for known solutions which can have their drawbacks. It’s very satisfying when I’m able to come up with a new and innovative solution and have the rest of the team convinced it’s the way forward. Other than that, I’m pleased when people rely on the skills I’ve obtained during my studies, like my ability to work on both a conceptual design level as a technical level. It’s rewarding to see clients open up to the skills I have to offer and benefit from it, even though they weren’t looking for it in the first place.”

What do you enjoy most about your job?

“Working as a consultant for Verhaert Consulting, I end up in different environments learning about new things which seamlessly matches with my personal goals in becoming the most versatile and complete design engineer I can be. Working in different fields will constantly pull me out of my comfort zone, which is a challenging way to become better at what I do. I believe this will also benefit every other client I work for, since I might be able to introduce new ways of working based on my experience working for previous clients.”

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