Electronics & software engineer, Verhaert Consulting

Jens Vangindertael is an electronics and software engineer at Verhaert Consulting, working as an on-site consultant for AMS.

Tell us more about your role as on-site consultant at AMS.

“At AMS I’m part of the CMOS image sensors test development team. Before an image sensor ends up in a camera, webcam or phone, it’s tested to make sure it works properly. My main job is to develop hardware that tests these image sensors. This includes high-speed digital PCB design, FPGA’s, power electronics … I think most important is coming up with new strategies and ideas in order to test these sensors efficiently.”

You’re a participant of the Masters in Innovation Masterclass. How do you look back at that week and what’s the most important thing that you’ve learned or experienced from the Masterclass?

“It’s hard to lay my finger on one particular thing. From the workshops, there were a lot of little practical tips and tricks that I’ve definitely put in my toolbox. Seeing how a lot of the workshops were soft skill oriented, it was nice to see that it wasn’t only about how to handle different types of situations (e.g. a presentation), but also about how others might perceive you.”

Living together with 10 people in 1 house, for 5 days, that’s pretty intense. I suppose you really get to know each other. What about the teambuilding effect of the masterclass?

“Amazingly fun. 5 days of workshops in a ‘living room’ was indeed pretty intense (how strange that might sound). But once the workday was over everyone was either cooking together, playing a game of Kubb in the garden, or just having a beer. Thanks again to the Verhaert Consulting team for making this happen!”

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