Mechanical Design Engineer - Verhaert Consulting

Geert Verellen is an on-site mechanical design engineer at Verhaert Consulting and has been working on different consumer product projects.

What is the most interesting aspect of your job?

“It’s the combination of a few aspects that makes it interesting for me. I work in an R&D environment where I can contribute to multidisciplinary projects. I cooperate with specialists from different fields of expertise and learn new things every day. This happens in an international context where I have daily contact with people from all over the world (Europe, US, Asia). In this way I can contribute to innovation.”

What characterizes a good mechanical design?

“As I mainly focused on consumer products, a good mechanical design is a synergy between different areas. First, the design has to work like it should, according to the specifications and has to be engineered in a good way. Secondly, there must be a good synergy with the user/customer/buyer in looks and handling. Finally it has to work economically: cost must be within a realistic range to target the right market. When you combine these elements with a strong vision, you have a killer design.”

How do you feel about working on-site?

“In the beginning I wasn’t sure consulting was the right thing for me. Although being a consultant is not always easy, I discovered some interesting advantages. During this time I have met a lot of people passionate about design and development, which inspires me. There’s also a team of people on which you can count for support or advice regarding issues at a client or your career path. So far it has been a very positive experience.”